Fasts taking place on 15/10/2015

May your strength, deen and sabr help you overcome the trials you have and continue to endure, dear brother. Ameen. Always in our thoughts.


Your brothers and sisters will stand by you forever, come what may.

Abdul Hamid Faruki

My thoughts are with you, your family, and the others at Guantanamo in the continued global call for your immediate release.

Andrea Bible
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Britain should be a beacon for human rights and the rule of law. This shocking injustice must end. It’s time to bring Shaker Aamer home from Guantanamo.

Andy Slaughter

Fasting in solidarity with you, Shaker! Let us hope this helps you to be freed as soon as possible!

Andy Worthington

Try to get in shape, Shaker and leave the fasting to us.
Your family wants to see you arriving on your feet !

Anna Minkiewicz
Kraków, Poland

Happy to give up a day’s food for a worthwhile cause, and to support a man who has endured appalling conditions of incarceration.

Anna Sullivan

There is support for you in New York.

Beverly Hendricks
Sag Harbor, New York USA

May Allah grant you ease and hasten your release and may He make this trial a means of becoming an inhabitant of Jannah, Aameen.

Bint Ali

we stand with you, in hope and in justice

Bud Courtney
New York

Brother, I stand with you in your right to hunger strike at the conditions in which you are kept at Guantanamo and pray you will soon be returned to your family after so many long years. I deplore your treatment and applaud your strength… may Allah protect you!

Carol Anne Grayson
Newcastle upon Tyne

Praying for your safe return to your family after seven years of clearance of any charges.

Caroline Hope

Please join me and #FastForShaker-and call upon the USA to honor his release immediately, along with the other prisoners.

Caroline Lagerfelt

What my country has done to you and your fellow detainees makes me deeply ashamed. Please stay strong; “non illegitimes carborundum” as we used to say – don’t let the bastards grind you down!

Chris Brandt
New York City

I’ll start on the 15th and see how it goes. Last time I did this in solidarity with Shaker, I went 7 days, which is nothing really, given that Shaker has done this for weeks at a time.

Clive Stafford Smith

I just saw Shaker in Guantanamo and I told him about what all you are doing to try to encourage him to be healthy. Under the censorship rules I am not allowed to say what he said, but I AM allowed to report that he gave all of you a very big smile.

Cori Crider, Reprieve
London, UK

Stay strong. You will be home with your family soon inshallah.

Dana Weiss
Doha, Qatar

You are a fine example standing up for justice and truth. My very best wishes to you.

David Harrold

With Shaker Aamer, we all hunger for justice!
Close Guantánamo NOW! and free all political prisoners.

David Heap
London, Canada

Dear Shaker,
You, your wife, and your beloved children remain on my mind and in my heart. Those of us who know your case will not let this rest until you are home with your family.
In peace…

Diana Murtaugh Coleman
Rock Island

God release all innocents.

Divine Praised

You should be back in London now. When you feel ready please come to Parliament where I and many other MPs will welcome you.

Dr. Tania Mathias MP

I fast for Shaker!

Ed Asner
United States

We are here and we are thinking of you and your family in such a terrible and wicked situation … to go without food for one day is such a small thing to do to support you … one day we will all meet and celebrate your release …

Elleanne Green

Dear Shaker Aamer, your great love for others, your determination, your indomitable spirit are our inspiration.
London is waiting for You!

Elsa Collins
Erith, Kent. United Kingdom

I am a man, I am father, I am a son. This brother be he muslim, Sikh Hindu, German, Russian or Jew deserves his freedom too. Brother Shaker your body is held in captivity but we know they cannot prison your soul and mind. Be strong for yourself and those who you love and most of all trust in God the most kind.


I’m fasting because I am sorry for the harm done to so many in the name of freedom. I believe that good will prevail (God is good, God bless you Shaker Aamer)

Helen Vincent

I will fast to take a share of the burden from you. I will fast for a day, taking turns with others, so that you may retain whatever strength you have left. I will fast in your name, Shaker, and hope that you are soon reunited with your family.

Helen Winters

I fast with hope, Shaker, for your release and reuniting with your family.

Jean Cossey
Carey, Ohio

Fasting in solidarity with you Shaker. May you soon be free and reunited with your family. I will be more than willing to do this again if you aren’t on that plane soon.

Jessica Hope

Shaker, please know that many of us are fasting in solidarity with you. We are sending love and prayers your way. We want you to stay well so that you can be home with your family soon. In solidarity, JoAnne

JoAnne Lingle

Shameful that shaker has been imprisoned so long and that his release is still being impeded. I am recovering from serious illness and just cannot imagine what he must be enduring. Hope for good news of his release.

Joanna leser

I hope our Fast For Shaker will give him a great boost knowing that so many of us, MPs, campaigners, Muslim leaders, artists and the public care deeply what happens to him. We want to send a message to Shaker and the authorities at Guantánamo that we will not tolerate the abuse and humiliation of Shaker and other prisoners. We have his back! And we expect to have him returned no later than the 25th – hopefully a bit stronger mentally and physically because of our act of solidarity.

Joanne MacInnes

We are with you all the way and thinking of you. Stay strong.

Joe Doherty

I will be fasting on the 15th of October to support all the people who are hunger striking on behalf of my father. My family would like to thank you all for your continued support as we wait for our father’s return.

Johina Aamer

No one should have to deprive themselves of basic human necessity, but unfortunately a system of oppression has forced us into action, and I hope this will work in any way.

Joshua Lacle
New York City

I pray Mr Aamar Shankar for your safe return home very soon now . I will be Fasting in Solidarity with your good self and everyone here on Thursday 15th.

Julia Alfoldi-Igaz
Hurstpierpoint, Sussex

We want you home. Your refusal to be cowed by their hideous regime is an inspiration.

Karl lambley

Dear Shaker,
People around the world are joining you to strengthen your call for freedom and justice. Please stay strong.

Kathy Copps

Shaker, we want you home. I pledge my full support and that of the PCS Union Branch of the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Tomorrow, while fasting in solidarity, I will be spreading the word around our members and staff in Whitehall. All my solidarity, respect and thoughts, Katie (DECC PCS Branch)

Katie Leslie

Hate unfairness in what they supposedly call the land of the free


I can do just one day Shaker, but being hungry will remind me of what you have been through and that none of us are safe until all of us are. Please eat, we will fast for you

Liz Carlton

I hope that you get back to your babies really soon

Louise Rayner
United Kingdom

With you on the journey.

Maggie Stevenson

Shaker I stand in solidarity beside , behind and in front of you and the brave men still held in Guantanamo. My heart goes out to your family and from afar I think of you all each day

Marion Heads

I will be fasting on the 15th for my father, and I want to thank everyone who is taking part and all your support towards getting my dad back home.

Michael Aamer

I commit myself to do a liquid protein and H2O hunger strike starting on the first day, and will continue until we are certain that Shaker will definitely be released. Nonviolent resistance means that each one of us has the power to decide how much we will cooperate with the authorities and how much we will not cooperate with the authorities. Long Live Nonviolent Revolution!

Mike Levinson
New York City

Allah will surely reward the patient without countenance. Hope to see you reunited with your family soon.


HOPE we hold onto


Shaker, we are all here for you from all over the world. Don’t give up, stay strong. Hugs

Mexico City

It’s not much, but every little helps…. I hope you are with your family soon.

Paul Burnett

As Sara Pascoe wrote yesterday:

“If they can do that to one boy they can do it to anyone”

We cannot be complicit in this injustice any longer.

Paul Narraway

Wishing you strength and courage and love

Penny Rivers
Farncombe, Surrey

Guantanamo is an abomination against natural justice. Shaker should never have been incarcerated and he should be released immediately and he and his family compensated for the awful torment they have endured for the last 14 years. Shame on the USA and all those who created and still support such crimes against innocent people and justice.

Peter Deacon
New Zealand

This is for you Shaker. To remind me why we fight the good fight. Inshallah you will be free soon.

Rachael B
Taunton Uk

You should never have had to endure what you have, but the way you have dealt with your fate has been inspirational.

Robin Gardner

I can,t begin to imagine what you must have been through, all I can say is may Allah reward you for all the unesisary torture you have endured and you be reunited with your family safe and sound Ameen

Birmingham, England

Stay Strong Shaker. Let’s get you back home to your family ASAP. All the love in the world.

Ryan Kane

Were backing you all the way brother

S London

Two billion plus strong we stand by you and by every individual Muslim and non-Muslim alike that have and are facing oppression in this corrupt land we live in that cries for democracy. You and your family are in our prayers and we as an Ummah tremble when one part of the body aches.

Salehuddin Azad
Brooklyn, NY

An honour to do this for you Shaker.

Saleyha Ahsan

O God release innocent Shaker and all other innocents

Sam siddique

Stay strong Shaker! Behind you 100%

Sarah Carpenter
Leeds UK

Get home safely, and I hope that you can take pleasure in rediscovering the world.

Sebastian Hicks

If the USA and the country’s president truly wanted to act as if they believed in liberty and justice with some ideals of non prejudice, Shaker Aamer would be home with his British wife and four children. I long to see the day when Shaker Aamer is safely home with his family and healing from his cruel, unusual and most underserved time of being held as a hostage.

Susan Hall
Broomfield, Colorado - USA

Be not sad or afraid, surely Allah is with us

Talat Baig

In hope x


Allahu Akbar. Brother pray for us. May Allah grant you victory.

Tanzida Kazi

You should never have been caught. You should never have been sent there. You should never have endured the treatment you received or the disrespect. You should never have had to work so hard to right this wrong. I’m sorry we do this even when we know better. I hope you are returned to your family very soon. Besides this remorse, I feel gratitude for your courage and your teaching: try, try, try ten thousand years non-stop. Save all beings from suffering.

Thomas Dickinson
Minnesota, USA

100% behind you Shaker ❤️

Tobias Edwards

Hoping the U.S. authorities are finally acting in good faith after all the harm their malevolence has done.

Todd E. Pierce
St. Paul, MN

I am fasting with you Shaker in the hope that justice will prevail and you will be rightfully returned home to your family. Please stay strong and believe.

Tracee Williams

We want you to go home and live in peace and good health.


I fast for Shaker

Victoria Morgan

We stand with you and your family Shaker. The struggle has been long and difficult, but after years of suffering, you’re almost home inshaAllah :)

Waris Ali

Shaker & other dear brothers must be released and the torture of separation from their families must end now. Send Shaker home to his loving family.

Zareen Islam